sábado, 5 de fevereiro de 2022

Study by researchers of several countries shows that genetic inheritance influences the connection to Nature

See below the link for an interesting paper recently published in Plos Biology:

"Our study demonstrates genetic contributions to individuals’ nature experiences, opening a new dimension for the study of human–nature interactions"

Two weeks ago the Time published an interesting article by the well-known Yuval Harari (whose book "Homo Deus" has received so far almost 3000 citations). He wrote that his team has reviewed many studies that have concluded that just 2% of the world GDP is enough to achieve a net-zero carbon economy  https://time.com/6132395/two-percent-climate-solution/ 

He wrote that two percent of the world economy is a lot of money ($1.7 trillion) but is much less than the 14% GDP that governments around the world amassed to deal with Covid-19 and is even less than the 7% GDP that the fossil-fuel industry costs. Still much more worrisome is the fact that the world spends every year 2.4% of GDP on military expenses meaning that most ironically Humanity quickly finds the money to destroy itself. And that is why i wrote some time ago that warmongering should be considered the worst academic infraction.

PS - Why doesn't the academic community worldwide criticize Russian academics for not opposing Putin's thirst for war just like Chomsky advised back in 1967 and just like have done recently the courageous academics of this country?